Forever Lost – Chapter 26

Chapter 26


Everything was white…yet not. There was complete silence…yet the noise was deafening. The light burned as the darkness sucked the heat from the air. Everything was in chaos and there seemed no end to it. Then, just before the fragile bubble that held the universe together broke, everything took a deep breath and settled.

Something was different. Something inside him. Damien could not quite put his finger on what it was, all he knew was it was not quite finished. There was one more thing to do before time could once more move forward. But what?

Blinking, he tried to figure out where he was as he stared up at…was that sky? A ceiling? He wasn’t sure but the presence wound tightly around everything that was him was real, and he clung onto that feeling with everything he had.

There was movement beside him and he realized that he was not alone. That presence he felt lay next to him, legs and arms tangled with his under twisted sheets of every color yet none. Sapphira. Burying his nose in her thick hair, he inhaled deeply. His love, his other half, his soul mate in the very essence of the word. However, exactly where they were was still elusive. He felt as if he should know this place, though, but from where? Kissing the top of Sapphira’s head, he wrapped his arms tightly around her holding her close.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Are you okay?”

Sapphira stilled. Something had happened. Something very important but for the life of her she could not remember what it was. It was as if her mind was a jigsaw puzzle that was trying to put itself together, but there were still gaping holes of information that had yet to be put into place. Opening her eyes, she looked around. Where were they? Like her mind, it was as if her eyes could not focus on just one thing. Yet it was not her eyes that had issues, but the world around her. It could not focus. Not completely.

“What happened?” she whispered.

“I don’t know,” Damien whispered back looking down at her as she craned her neck to look at him. “What do you remember?”

Sapphira frowned. “There was a fight. I…flew away but something was wrong. Fallon and Gideon found me then…nothing.” A memory slipped in then out, teasing. Then it suddenly became clear. “We were in bed. Something was different. You kissed me and….”

“And there was nothing but the need to make you mine,” Damien finished.

Swallowing hard, Sapphira nodded her eyes wide.

“We stepped over that last line and everything…shifted. I feel…different.” Damien looked down at his hand as if it was not attached to his body, trying to find the right words. “I feel for the first time as if I am…whole. As if….” He looked into her eyes mirroring his own frighten ones, wanting her to finish his thought so maybe he would not sound so crazy.

“As if I am a part of you. Inside of you,” Sapphira whispered.

Damien nodded. Reaching his hand up, he gently caressed her cheek, his eyes darkening. “We were connected before, but now.” His lips lowered. “You are mine on a level, far beyond being twins. You are mine in my heart, my head, my soul and my body. Just as I am yours.”

“One,” Sapphira whispered just before his lips touched hers.

The kiss began gentle, but it soon grew into something more. Something hungry, demanding. When they broke, they were both gasping for air.

“What is happening to us?” Sapphira whispered.

“Only what you were created to do,” a gentle voice said from the end of the bed…or was it a cloud?

They looked down at their feet to see a bright light. Shielding their eyes they watched as it slowly took form. Although even that form did not settle into one. It kept slipping from man to woman to boy to girl. It was dizzying to watch but one thing stayed the same. The piercing blue eyes that held so much love it brought tears to the Damien and Sapphira’s eyes. It was an unconditional love that they had only seen in each other. One that would transcend time and space.

“What do you mean, meant to do?” Damien asked warily.

“You are the beginning and the end. Life and death. Joy and sorrow. Love and hate,” the figure answered.

Damien looked down at Sapphira who shrugged her shoulders that she had no idea what the figure was talking about. “That makes no sense,” looking back at it. It was dizzying to watch the movement from one form to another. “Could you please stop doing that? You have a form,” his voice flat. How he knew he was right he was not sure. Images and feelings inside his mind were still a whirling mess, but for some reason this one thing he was sure of.

The figure’s smile dimmed slightly before it began to come together into one form. A female form. “Better?” she asked gently.

“Much, thank you,” Damien smiled, another memory coming to the surface. One that had him squeezing Sapphira’s arms in warning. She responded by moving slightly closer to him.

“Maybe I should start again. Do you know why you are here?” the woman asked.

“Not…entirely,” Sapphira answered after a moment.

“You were born into the mortal realm to make a choice. As for all choices, there were certain conditions that had to be met first. All the players of the game in their places. Then that which had been cleaved in two would be made whole again and a choice would be made.”

“What choice?” Damien asked warily.

“Whether or not the universe as we understand it continues on its current path, or you wipe the slate clean and start anew,” the woman shrugged.

Damien and Sapphira stared at her as if she had sprouted two heads. After a few minutes of stunned silence she sighed. “Maybe I should start at the beginning.”

“That would be nice,” Damien agreed, his voice showing his impatience. Beside him Sapphira stiffened at his tone. Considering who it was they were talking to and that they were still weak, she thought maybe he should be a little more careful. The look in the woman’s blue eyes told Damien that might be wise. For some reason that only further pissed him off.

“Your father once decided to try his hand against me,” the woman said quietly. “I believe you are familiar with how that ended.”

The reminder sparked another memory and Damien swallowed his anger. Now was not the time to tip their hand that he remembered much, much more. Time for that when they were stronger.

“Good choice. Now, you know the prophecy,” the woman said, not really a question but a statement. She did not wait for an answer. “The first part you have already figured out, of course.

Born of one
Two are the same
One soul shared
One soul divided

“Those of us you entrusted with your secret have kept it well. No one knew who you were while in the mortal realm and you were kept safe.”

Damien and Sapphira could argue the safe part, but then they would not get the information they so desperately needed.

“However, because of the spell that tore you completely apart, the only way to heal your soul was to once again become one in every way. Mind, soul and body,” the woman continued. “Unfortunately, it also revealed your true selves. Which means from the moment the spell began to unravel, those who have been trying to find you to stop what is to come know you are once again aware. But it is too late. ”

“Wait,” Damien said sitting up, careful to not pull the covers away from Sapphira. “You said soul, as in singular. Sapphira and I are twins, yes, but we are also two separate people. Two separate souls.”

“I think you know as well as I that that is not true,” the woman corrected with a condescending note.

Damien bristled. He was not a child and did not appreciate being talked to as one. There was something else. Something that was worrying the woman, but because his thoughts would not coalesce it was making it hard to think.

“The next couple of lines should be rather clear to all now,” the woman continued.

Until willpower shatters
And what was once divided
Is made whole

“Again, in order for your soul to have ever healed, your coming together had to happen.”

“Again you leave out the plural,” Sapphira said sitting up next to Damien, her hand holding the sheet to her chest. “Are you saying we share the same soul?”

The figure smiled, the brilliance of that smile blinding Damien and Sapphira. They held their hands up to shield their eyes.

“But that is impossible,” Damien frowned. “Two people cannot share the same soul.”

“But you are not people, Damien. Nor are you angel or demon or brother and sister. You are something else entirely. You were the catalyst that created the universe, and you will be the catalyst that ends it.”

The light had dimmed and they could once again see the woman who they now knew as the one the mortals called God. Although they knew her under a different name. One that kept slipping way every time he tried to grasp it. Damien looked at Sapphira whose expression mirrored his own. Confusion mixed in with a great deal of wariness. Something was not right.

“But I thought, most everybody thinks…,” Damien began.

“That I created all this with a wave of my hand, a thought, and it all just appeared?” The woman laughed. “Where I am flattered, I am not that powerful. I will concede that it may have begun with a thought, but everything takes time. The universe expanding takes time. A small seed growing into a two hundred foot tree takes time. Life growing in the mother’s womb,” she looked at Sapphira, “takes time.” Sapphira’s eyes widen as her hand went to her abdomen. The figure’s eyes moved back to Damien’s. “Everything takes time to grow and evolve, but it only takes the right mixture, the right moment for it to begin. A catalyst. You and Sapphira, your soul, your existence was the catalyst that began the known universe, and it will be you that ends it. Now, I will admit I did have a small hand in all this.” She swept her hands wide to take in the ever changing scenery around them. “I would nudge certain elements in a certain direction to create things like say the dinosaurs, plants, animals. Some things turned out as I foresaw, others…well.” The platypus suddenly appeared before them. “Let’s just say they took on a life of their own,” she finished with a small affectionate smile.

“So, what? Are you saying we are Adam and Eve?” Damien asked in disbelief.

“Not in the way man has portrayed them, no,” she answered thoughtfully. “But close.”

“What about the rest of the prophecy?” Sapphira asked as the image of the platypus drifted away into smoke. “It says something about a balance.”

“Ah yes.” The woman began pacing slowly back and forth, a hand behind her back while the other rubbed her chin in thought. “This is where it gets complicated.”

A balance kept carefully aligned

“Unfortunately I cannot help you with this part. This you must discover for yourself what it means.”

“And how do we do that?” Damien asked remembering the rest of the verse.

A choice to be made
Life perseveres
Its course unchanged
Or Horses that destroy
Will reign fire
Unto death
The heavens

“All things in good time,” the woman smiled gently. “It has taken more years than you or I can count to get to this time and space. It will take more time to find the answers. Although the Horsemen do grow restless, as does the one who controls them. I do not know if they will wait much longer before they send their minions to…help you with your decision,” her voice grim.

“Couldn’t you stop them?” Damien asked.

“I could,” she said with a shrug. “However I do not think you would like my methods. Best let this particular scenario play out until the end, as it was meant to.”

“Can we leave this…place?” Sapphira asked looking around at the ever changing landscape.

“Of course,” the woman said as if it was obvious. “This is an in-between place. A piece of time and space that is neither here nor there.” She looked around. “Time means nothing here. From here you can observe the present, go into the past, although you cannot change what has already happened, and you cannot see into the future for it has not been written. What you can do is gather the pieces needed to right the wrongs that have been done in the present.” She looked thoughtfully at Sapphira.

Right the wrongs? What did she mean by that? A white feather flashed in the ever evolving pictures, bright and clear, and suddenly Sapphira knew.

“My suggestion? Your soul has been kept apart in more ways than one for a very long time. Give yourself time to reconnect, regain your strength before you tackle the next crisis in your existence. Well, I must be off. Places to see, things to create,” the woman said brightly with a clap of her hands. She started to turn away then stopped, her face serious. “Oh, just thought I should let you know. The barriers between the realms have been torn down. The Fallen are now free to roam the mortal realms. It will not be long before other more…sinister creatures follow.”

With a blinding flash the figure was gone. Damien’s eyes narrowed. “Why is she lying to us?”

“I’m not sure, but she is right about one thing,” Sapphira said looking at Damien. “We need to finish what was started and retain our memories and strength. Otherwise all will be lost.”

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