Forever Lost – Chapter 29

Chapter 29


From the darkness two sets of eyes blinked, looking around. Their vibrant blue the first color to take shape in this new place. A few moments later, or was it longer, the passage of time in the dark was so hard to judge, two more sets of eyes appeared. One of the darkest blue, deep yet warm and inviting. The other of amber with flecks of brown and gold, innocent and wary.

“Where are we?” a young female’s voice asked. The deep blue eyes blinked in confusion.

“At the beginning,” another slightly older female’s voice responded.

“Who are you?” a male’s voice asked moving closer to the deep blue eyes, reaching for her hand needing something solid to hold onto in the weightless abyss he had been born into.

“We are the beginning,” an older male’s voice answered gently, “And the end.”

“It’s so dark and cold,” the young female’s voice shivering.

“Not for long,” the older female assured gently. “See? There is light over there.”

Out of the darkness a glow began to break apart the darkness, revealing the figures that belonged to the vibrant blue eyes. The young female smiled shyly while the male gaped at the beautiful female with long black curly hair who smiled warmly back at him.

“Hello,” she greeted. “I am Zara and this is Damien.”

The young male frowned as Damien wrapped his arms around Zara and pulled her back against him in a possessive move even though he smiled warmly at the children. The male decided he did not like Damien touching Zara that way.

“What are your names?” Zara asked.

The two young ones looked at each other for a moment, frowning. What were their names? “We don’t know,” the male answered slowly.

“Maybe you could give us names?” the female asked hopefully, beaming up at the two. In her eyes, Damien and Zara were so beautiful together. Two halves of a whole that brought light to the darkness, hope in the middle of despair, love when there was only hate. Frowning, the young female looked away, unsure where those analogies came from when she, herself, had no concept of emotions. She was only a few moments old.

“All right. How about you will be Godiva,” she suggested, breaking into the female’s thoughts. She giggled happily, clapping her hands. Then Zara turned her warm blue eyes to the male. “And you shall be Santon.”

The male tried the name out in his head a few times, trying to decide if he liked it. Looking back into those vibrant blue eyes that held something he did not understand, something that made him warm all over, he decided Zara could call him whatever she wanted and he would like it.

“Why are we here?” Godiva asked.

“We were lonely,” Damien answered with a shrugged.

“So you just thought of us and we appeared?” Santon asked.

“Not exactly,” Zara answered.

Santon looked around them, the darkness becoming less as the light grew. Squinting he could see there were things in the dark. Things floating. “What are those?” he asked pointing at them.

“That is for you to decide,” Zara answered.

“Us?” Godiva asked frowning.

“Yes,” Damien smiled gently. “You can create anything you wish. But be careful. In order for whatever you create to remain, you must create something that is equal to it. A balance must be maintained.”

“That sounds hard,” Santon said scrunching up his nose.

“You will make mistakes, and that is all right,” Zara assured. “As long as you learn from those mistakes. And we will be with you. You will never be alone.”

“Never?” Santon asked hopefully. He was rewarded with a smile from Zara that melted his heart.

“Never,” she repeated.

Never was a long time and nothing stays the same forever.

Chapter 28
Chapter 29

Copyright © 2018 Heidi Barnes

Note: I wanted to let you know, this chapter and the next are the last two chapters that I had already written before I started posting Forever Lost on this website. Starting with chapter 31, each chapter will be written the week prior to being posted on here, like I did when I originally wrote this story. That means I reserve the right to go back and change things or I might not make the 9 am every Saturday deadline that I had put into place.  It might be 10. 🙂 Anyways, enjoy and I will see you soon. Have a great weekend!

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    1. I little background to think about. Like I said in the beginning, this is my little universe so it’s not going to be exact. Few more surprises yet to come.

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