Forever Lost – Epilogue



Zara sighed. She was torn as what to do. A part of her wanted to interfere, the other part knew she should not. The whole point was that they learned from their mistakes. Something that, after all this time, was taking longer than she thought it should.

Warm arms encircled her waist pulling her against a warm body. A chin rested against her shoulder. “You did the right thing,” a gentle masculine voice assured.

“I’m starting to think maybe not,” she sighed reaching her hand up and burying her fingers in his soft hair. Eyes still on the sphere resting on the small round table before her, she tilted her head to the side, giving him access to her neck. Taking the hint, he lovingly kissed the sensitive skin just behind the ear.

“Are they still arguing?” he asked looking back down at the sphere. Inside, two tiny people sat in the light of a sun, their backs to each other glaring in opposites directions.

“No. Now they’re sulking. You would think as old as they are, they would act a little more mature,” she frowned.

Releasing her from his arm, Gideon stepped around Zara to bend down and peer into the sphere. “Some never grow out of the puberty stage,” he mused, turning his head to grin at someone behind her. “Take Fallon for example. He’s well over a million and he still has moments of adolescents.”

“Speak for yourself,” Fallon growled, although the sting behind the retort was ruined by his own smirk. Stopping next to Zara, he slipped his arms around her as she snuggled against his side. Gazing into the sphere, that smile turned into a grimace. “They were never fast learners to begin with.” His gaze soften as he looked down at the female in his arms. “It’s only been a few years, Zara. Give them some time.”

“That’s true,” Gideon agreed as he gazed around the large room. The walls were lined with shelving that ran from the twenty foot ceiling to the floor. Each shelf was filled with sphere’s not unlike the one on the table before them. “Last time it took them centuries before they would even look at each other.”

“True,” Zara frowned. After a moment she looked around the room then behind her. “Where is Damien?”

“He had some unfinished business to take care of with Lucifer,” Gideon answered. “He’s still furious with your treatment while under Lucifer’s care.

“I’m not too please with him either. I offered to go with Damien. I have a few things I would like to talk,” the word talk was said as if it meant something beside speaking to. Like maybe physical violence would be the choice of language, “to him about, but Damien forbade me to go anywhere near the bastard,” Fallon grumbled. “Something about Lucifer still having some sort of control over me and a subject of a personal nature he would like to take care of in private.” He glowered down at Kara. “As if what Lucifer did to you isn’t as personal to me as it is to him. I’m the reason he threw you to the wolves for their pleasure. If anyone deserves his pound of flesh it’s me.”

“I’m sure Damien did not mean to step on any toes,” Zara reassured smiling up at Fallon. “He is worried about the backlash of what transpired this lifetime. I’m afraid because of our being absent as long as we were, there are more loose ends to tie than we realized. Besides, we have our own assignment. We still need to deal with Sachi’s familiar, Ayame. She needs to answer for her interference.”

“Talon and Quinn have her locked in the dungeons at the monastery. I’m tempted to leave her there to rot,” Gideon scowled.

“What about Loghan? He’s there too, still recovering from his fall. He betrayed us by aiding Santon in trying to capture Zara,” Fallon reminded.

“He could have given me over to Santon when I did not understand what was happening to me, who I was, but he chose not to and he paid the price. I think he regrets what he did and has learned a valuable lesson in who he should trust with his soul, and who he should not,” Zara said. Pulling out of Fallon’s arms, she moved back to the sphere to peer one last time into it. “I wish they could learn what it means to forgive. I’m not sure how many more lifetimes I can endure. Especially if they are like this last one.” She gave an involuntary shudder.

Gideon and Fallon looked at each other, their expressions one that spoke of a secret they would never tell. One that could unravel everything they had accomplished along with the entire universe.

“What is the human saying? I have not received the memo Hell has frozen over?” Fallon smirked.

“Ha, ha,” Zara quipped straightening and grinning at him. “Come on. We have a familiar to question and pass judgement on.”

“I like Gideon’s suggestion of letting her rot. She’d do the same to us,” Fallon said as he followed Zara out the door.

“It does have merit,” Zara agreed thoughtfully, her voice growing faint as they proceeded down the hall.

Gideon hesitated at the doorway. Half turning his body, he stared at the sphere in the middle of the room, his eyes narrowed in confusion. He thought he had heard something, but that was impossible. Nothing escaped once trapped in one of the new universes. Still…

“Gideon!” Fallon bellowed. “Are you lost? Do you need a map to the front door? Maybe you’re growing slow in your old age and need assistance. Shall I call for a wheelchair?”

“I’m coming, asshole!” he yelled back non to politely.

Taking one last look around the room, Gideon shook his head at his own paranoia and followed the others out the door. What he needed, what they all needed, was rest. Zara was right. He was not sure they could survive another lifetime like the last.

Up in the far corner on a dusty forgotten shelf, a sphere not unlike the one on the table gave a little wobble, rattling back and forth on its stand. The universe held its breath.

Chapter 35

Copyright © 2018 Heidi Barnes 

I hope you enjoyed my story. I’m toying with the idea of putting it up on Amazon Kindle. We will see. Thank you for reading!

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