Destiny Series

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Book 1
Book 1

What would you do if your world was turned upside down? If everything you knew, everything you thought to be true, believed in, disappeared?

Emma’s world had never been perfect, but it was damn near close. At the age of eighteen, her biggest worry was that her best-friend was moving away to go to college and how much she was going to miss him. Bright and promising, life was just starting for both of them when the unthinkable happens and everything changes.

Struggling to survive in a world that has been turned upside down, Emma learns that not everyone is who she thought they were, that myth and magic are very real, and the destiny she imagined was hers is not the same destiny fate forces upon her.


Fated to Be 

Fated to Be Cover
Book 2


Never say never.

Not everything is set in stone, and not everyone is who they seem to be. Life throws you curve-balls and people change. Some for good, some for evil.

Emma Kessler’s life has been anything but easy, and there are those who threaten to take what little peace she has carved out of the chaos that surrounds her and destroy it. What she does not expect are those she trusts with her heart to turn their backs on her when she needs them the most. All because of a destiny she never wanted.


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