A little Bit of Fiction

Here is where I will post links to those pieces that are more story than poetry, although some might transcend both. In doing this I am hoping it will be easier to find the next chapter of each story.

A Story Unfinished…. Where this starts in prose I think as I progress it will end up in story form. I am working on the beginning…or maybe these short pieces are the beginning. I am not sure yet, as so my storytelling goes.

A Story Unfinished ~ part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4

Flash Fiction: Short pieces of fiction either new or from some of the books I have written.

Is it Love
Exasperations In Love
Is It Love?
Destiny: Chapter 1
Suzi’s Holiday Surprise…ish
Suzi’s Birthday Gift – 2018
The Festival – A Suzi Story
Chapter 1

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