I don’t think myself much of a poet. I’ve mostly written novels, but there is this thing on Twitter called micropoetry and it looked like fun. That got the juices going. What I post here will not be micropoetry but longer poems that come to me. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to read some of my micropoetry you can on my website An Author and her Muse under Micropoetry.

I have posted some theme poems. Here are the links to those poems within the site.

Elements: I think the elements are a large part of our lives. Everything around us, whether nature or manmade affects us. It’s up to us how those elements mold us into who we are.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit

Grief: This next set has to do with the process of grief. Everyone goes through grief differently. Some go through the five stages as they are set, some go through them differently. Some of these are from my pain, some (Anger’s Pain) is from other’s view point that I have witnessed. My anger was directed at the cause not the grand scheme of life. Then again Grief Consumes is from a story that I wrote.

Denial, Anger’s Pain, Grief Consumes, Why?, Acceptance

This one started when I was driving home listening to the radio. Phil Collin’s In The Air Tonight was playing. I’ve heard this song a thousand times, even have it on a few playlists for when I write. Something about hearing it last night started the juices flowing. Love’s Sacrifice was born. It’s a poem of sorts that is also a story. I posted it as parts. Each part is one of the characters speaking. There are three. Here are the links to those posts.

Part 1                  Part 5               Part 9               Part 13
Part 2                 Part 6               Part 10
Part 3                 Part 7               Part 11
Part 4                 Part 8               Part 12

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