I Don’t Understand

I don't understandwhy people hate so easily.I don't understandwhy we can't get along.I understandpeople are different.Different colorsdifferent culturesdifferent beliefs.I understandsome people do not like different.Do not like the unknowndo not like change.I don't understand why we hate so easily.I think many truly do not understand what hate is.When I was young, I used the word …

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Spring has Sprung

Spring as sprung the birds chirp the frogs burp Spring has sprung the grass needs mowing the weeds are growing..... Spring has sprung the sky is blue the flowers bloom Spring has sprung the mood is lite words at last take flight © Copywrite 2021 Heidi Barnes

Someone Dies Tonight

Witches screamfires brightsomeone will die tonight.Chaos reignswhile demons playthere is only one god tonight.Devil spawnchant deep magicas shadows stretch in firelightdark secrets revealed,someone will die tonightStruggling, pleadingdeaf ears it fallsCrying out to a godwith words they were taughtwho seems to care naught.You are naïve,they sayYou have hope where hope is no more,they say.Give ingive himyour …

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Secret Dreams

One steplong, silkyblack as night.All eyes turnbreath stills.Eyes hooded,blood red lipssmile.She is nightShe is desireShe is all men's dreamsdeep in the darknesswhere secrets liewaiting for a sparkto set them afire.Slight shift,tongues slowly slidewetting lipssuddenly dry.Full of possibilitiesunknown danger.Who will fallprey to a strangersdesire.