Obsession Series

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Book 1
Book 1

Lines are drawn; an unwritten code of conduct set, and a feud between two families silently simmers. When Kirsten Tivon becomes the focus of the enemy’s youngest son, she quickly learns codes are meant to be broken and lines will eventually be crossed when her life becomes a race against time before her choice between the man who loves her and the one who is obsessed with her is taken away.


Book 2

With the monster who tried to claim her as his behind bars, Kirsten Tivon thought she was safe. She was wrong. Thrown into a world she does not understand, a world of money and the power it brings, she quickly learns that the privileged and well-to-do will do anything to keep what they consider theirs. Even kill.


Book 3
Book 3

After watching associates destroy themselves over something that was not meant to be, Alexei Tremmel made himself a promise. If it was not meant to be, then he would let it go. That is until he met Kirsten Tivon. Now there is nothing he would not do, no one he would not destroy to win her back, even if that someone is Kirsten.

The last few years have been anything but easy for Kirsten. Just as she thinks life is settling down, it throws her another curveball, and that’s only the beginning. Pain, lies, hidden love, betrayal and unimaginable loss. How much pain can one woman endure before she breaks, and who will be left in the aftermath to pull her back from the edge?


A Kidnapping Attempt – This is a short story that happens in between Deceptions and Absolution.


Book 4
Book 4

The life Kirsten Tivon is living is not the life she envisioned, but it’s not a  bad life either. Out of chaos and pain she has managed to carve out  a fragile peace for those precious few who hold her heart and keep her  sanity from dissolving completely. Then something happens to rock that fragile world so completely, nothing will ever be the same again.



Book 5

Justus Tremmel. Playboy, hero, risk taker, lover. All the things his father was except one. Responsible CEO of one of the most powerful empires in the world. At twenty-three everyone expected him to take over the company sooner rather than later, a job Jesse was doing his best to run away from. That was until a mere slip of girl captured his heart and the attention of those who wanted him dead and his family ruined. Will he be able to walk away from Sara, or will he follow in his father’s footsteps? Keeping the woman he loves locked away, never to see her family and friends again. Will any of it be enough to keep her safe?

Sara Reese had her future planned out. Finish college and move as far away from the small quiet town she grew up in to live in the big city where excitement was around every corner. That was until Justus Tremmel inadvertently gave her a taste of his world and the dangers surrounding it. Now hunted by the ones who wish to see the Tremmels ruined, Sara must decide whether she wants to stay in the comfort of what she knows, or dive headlong into a world she barely understands and wants her dead.


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