Sitting in the Twilight


Sitting in the twilight
Waiting for the sun
Wishing you were here
Because without you, life is undone. 

We‘ve had our ups,
We’ve had our downs,
But never will I regret
Saying yes to questions renowned
Spoken throughout the ages
To lovers and sweethearts
Of every gender abound.
Will you live your life with me?
Will you share your hopes and dreams?
Will you grow old with me,
Until our days end?
Will you make the journey of two souls,
Through the happy times and the sad?
Say yes to all these questions asked
And together we will make a beautiful past.
I promise you will be my one and only,
Because no other will compare
To the beauty that is what you are.
I will dedicate my life
To being your lifeline, your home.
All I ask is that you be mine
Until the end of our time.

Sitting in the twilight,
Wishing you were here.
The sun will never rise for me
Until you are once again near.

~ Copyright 2015 Heidi Barnes


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