My Darling Boy(s)

I stare outside
wondering how time flies.
Only a moment ago
I held you in my arms so small.
Now you are grown.
A man for all to see.
Yet in your smile
the little boy peeks out at me.
Your journey is just beginning,
words of wisdom I wish to say.
Live life to the fullest,
every day a gift to behold.
Through good times and bad,
each lesson learn well,
and know that I will always
be here without fail.
For a mother’s love
is never ending
while time is forever spinning.

© 2015 Heidi Barnes

2 thoughts on “My Darling Boy(s)

  1. Lindsay

    AWW Beautiful Poem Heidi ! I Really Love This One ,Thanks ! Hope you & your family are doing well. Were still battling Cancer but Hanging Tough. The Worst is the Never Ending Stress ,Take Care Heidi & Love Every Minute of Your Life.

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