Writing Outside the Lines – Writing Prompt #51

I’ve been asked by a good friend to come up with a writing prompt for her website Writing Outside the Lines. Annie has helped me when I have been stuck, when I needed a second opinion and with editing. She first introduced me to writing prompts… well years ago. Time flies so fast anymore I’m not sure how long it’s been. LOL I know I have been lax when it comes to writing to prompts – well with writing in general, but I’m working on it – so when she asked me to come up with a prompt for her site I jumped at the chance.

Here is what I decided. I LOVE word banks. Give me five or six words and I will try to weave story or poem out of them. Some are short and sweet, some have taken on a mind of their own, as Annie can attest to.

Here they are….

phone,   past,   storm,   twig,   light,   green

The rules are pretty simple. You don’t have to use all of words. One, two all six. It is up to you. Be it a story, poem, blog, haiku… whatever other writing style tickles your fancy. You decide. All you have to do is figure out how these words inspire you and write until there is no more left to say.

I’ll leave you to your muse. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

2016 Heidi Barnes

10 thoughts on “Writing Outside the Lines – Writing Prompt #51

  1. Lindsay

    I was in a deep sleep when the storm sprung up out of nowhere. I don`t know what time it was but if was still the dead of night. Suddenly the phone rang .I thought who was calling me at this ungodly hour .I turned on the light on my night table to check the clock and the time. Suddenly I hear this loud twig break outside my bedroom window. Now What ? Who could that be prowling outside ? Just then the wind died down. The torrential rain stopped as quickly as it began. Then I heard two loud barks coming out side from my window where seconds before the twig broke . I grabbed the phone .Hello Hello ? Nothing then a click the phone went dead. I jumped out of bed jumped into a pair of shorts ran to the door opened it and this great big black dog wearing a green collar jumped into my arms .I stumbled fell banged my head hard .Lights Out .Hours later I woke up .The Sun was shining the air was clean and fresh. I realized then the whole thing the night before was just a scary dream. Good Morning Heidi ! Hoping all your dreams are sweet.

      1. Lindsay

        I`m glad you liked it. Hey what a great exercise Heidi. Just a few words and from that let the imagination loose and see where it goes .

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