Love’s Sacrifice – part 8

Sephiroth's Fury
Desktop Nexus: Sephiroth’s Fury

Words meant to deceive,
Do not fall prey
to her serpent’s tongue.
She will ensnare you
bind you
until you can only breathe
at her whim.
It is not your life
she craves,
for she cares not
if you live or die.
what she craves most
lives for,
will kill for,
is a pure
If you freely sacrifice
the very essence of who you are
to one such as she
eternal damnation
is all you will receive.

And you?
What was your sacrifice?
What as you crime?
Why are you bound
to a creature
evil incarnate sublime?

*Rage complete
fills his eyes,
his body,
the very air.
His gaze penetrating
the source unimpressed.
Her only answer
to hatred so fine,
a low

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is something that came to me while driving. I was listening to Phil Collin’s In The Air Tonight. I let it simmer overnight and began writing in the morning with that song playing in the background. The poem seems to have taken on a life of its own. What will her answer be?

This is where the fast and furious writing ended. There will be more, just not posted as quickly as the first seven parts were. Bear with me. There will be an ending. 🙂 If you have just joined this story, click here to start at the beginning. Part 1

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