Down The Rabbit Hole

Hey All! Summer is here! Well it will be on Friday. Yes, officially summer starts June 21st, but in the PNW it starts July 5th. Until then we can pop back into what we call winter around here fairly easily. This year we should have a decent 4th of July. At least that was what the weather people said…five minutes ago. Could have changed by now. He he he

Now that I have time to think of something besides work, I’ve been able to finally sit down and just write. I’m even a chapter ahead and almost done with the next. Which brings me to my title. There have been enough changes as I have edited this story that the last three chapters I’ve had to completely rewrite. As if today, chapter 38 has been written, thrown out and rewritten three times.

Thinking I finally had it all figured out, a thought came to me as I was driving my dog up to the grandparents so they could babysit him for the four day weekend. Something didn’t make sense. There is a character where something happened that should have been impossible. Normally that wouldn’t have been a big deal. I would have gone back, did some rewrites, probably throw out some pages that no longer worked, (AAAAHHHHH!!!!!), and fixed the problem. But wait! I’ve already posted chapters that you’ve already read. So going back and doing a complete rewrite would not work.

The rabbit hole gets deeper, the tunnels seem many and endless, filled with ghosts of what could have been, what is and what might be. The darkness consumes me, yet I know there has to be light somewhere down one these long paths of whispering annoyingly obnoxious voices that are my characters.

Back to reality as most know it. I have a 2 hour drive with the first half stop and go traffic. What shall I do with my time so I dont commit road rage on my poor unsuspecting innocent puppy? (He’s actually 15, but still a puppy at heart.) Try to fix the problem without having to rewrite at least 2 chapters already posted. I hope it works and I dont confuse you, the reader, to the point you stop reading.

Anyways, the next chapter is up and ready to be published Saturday. I’ll be reworking the next, again, and try to climb out of that precarious rabbit hole.

Firbthia in the US, have a fun and safe 4th along with a four day weekend. For everyone else, have a wonderful week and weekend.


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