Secret Dreams

One step
long, silky
black as night.
All eyes turn
breath stills.
Eyes hooded,
blood red lips
She is night
She is desire
She is all men’s dreams
deep in the darkness
where secrets lie
waiting for a spark
to set them afire.
Slight shift,
tongues slowly slide
wetting lips
suddenly dry.
Full of possibilities
unknown danger.
Who will fall
prey to a strangers


Hearts and bodies entwined
Keep rhythm with methodical grace
Touch, taste, breath
Reaching for spiraling peak
Elusive if forever alone
Words caress
Taking lovers higher
Until crest breaks into bright wonder
Eyes wide open
Heart and body
Mind and soul

© 2015 Heidi Barnes

Stray Thoughts

Stray thoughts invade
all focus lost
scattered to the winds.
Fog descends
moonlight wans
misty trails like skeletal limbs.
Whispered voices
reaching towards me
beckoning me in,
“Step into the darkness
where secrets lie
and the forbidden is
no longer a sin.
Come play with us
till dawn light wins.
Come play within
your darkest dreams.”

~ © Heidi Barnes

Memories Waken

Image Desktop Nexus Misty Night
Image Desktop Nexus
Misty Night

Memories waken

Misty mountains loom high

I walk a path

Where dreams can fly

You come to me

Eyes full of fevered hunger

Answering the call

Of a Siren’s desire.

One touch

One smile

And I am yours

Until time is no more.

Hold me tight

Never let me go,

And I will be true

Through life’s many trials.

Give me your heart

Share with me your soul,

I will respond in kind

Sealing our fate

With a kiss to bind.

~ 2014 Heidi Barnes