Coin of My Choice

Do you die for tomorrow

Or live another day

Do weep in sorrow

Or laugh at your prey

When choices you make

Impact my destination

Payment must be paid

Repercussion wide spread

Coin of my choice

Life’s blood release

Hide if you must

In the end I will find you

Run if you must

In the end I will win

Copyright © 2017 Heidi Barnes

Update on Pathway Project #2

Good morning everyone.

I am sitting out on my deck on a Sunday morning (really too early for the amount of sleep I got last night, which was none) enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the morning birds. It is a bit chilly out here, but the last few days of 75F and above have helped make it not too bad. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a sweater and slippers on though.

I’m also enjoying the progress we’ve made on the pathway. Not only is it done, but the sod around it has been moved and compost put in.

WIN_20150530_160202 WIN_20150530_160222

We’ve also put in a do it yourself sprinkler system. I’ve been slowly doing that around the yard trying to make my watering a bit easier. Out in the garden by the shed is done as is along the back of the house. I didn’t get around the house buried and now I need to fix some of the joints because they have cracked. So that will be another project that I need to work on soon.

After we finished with the first load of compost (the entire yard is in need of it. It’s been years since the last time I put some down) Hubby and I went to Home Depot to looked at their plants. We found a few to start with,


but I won’t put them in until we take down the Silk Tree that hasn’t been doing well. Something got to it and it started splitting at the joint.


So last year Hubby and my youngest son got the chainsaw out and took the heaviest part off. It’s something he’s been wanting to do for a long time and I fought him on it. When my mom suggested that it was probably the best thing to do for the tree, five minutes after she left and I was down the street walking the dog the chainsaw roared and the tree was in half.


There is a story with this tree that has to do with my niece, but I will save that  for another day because it’s painful and I don’t want to ruin your morning. Suffice to say, taking the tree down was no easy decision for me. However, after looking at it all winter I decided it had to come down the rest of the way and I’m okay with the decision. I’m hoping that the trunk is not too rotted inside so my dad can make a vase or a small bowl out of it. I’ll have to show you his work sometime. For a what started out as a retirement hobby, he’s pretty damn good at it. But I digress.

So today the Silk Tree comes down and so does a Blue Spruce that is not doing well. That will open up a part of the yard that has been in deep shade for a long time, so I will have more options for plants and also for making that particular garden smaller. This is part of why I didn’t sleep well last night. You know how pruning goes.  Starting is not so hard. It’s the stopping that’s the… well you know. 😉 And now that I have help there are lot of projects that I’ve been wanting to do that involves cutting things down and rearranging. (Just need too tell hubby. (he he he) We also need to hit a better bigger nursery and pick up some more plants. Planning all that out kept me up all night. Going to be a long but hopefully productive day.

Have a wonderful day. 🙂

New Pathway

This is the first post for my gardening section. I have a few projects that I have done already but I haven’t had the time to start this section of my website. So here is the first post.

When we bought the house, there was a hot tub in the backyard. We, well I because I was a stay at home mom at the time, used the hot tub quite often.  However, it was old and starting to break down. Not to mention it was under a Cedar Tree. WHY it was put under a Cedar tree was beyond me. Not only can you not keep cedar out of the tub, but relaxing with your head back as the jets work the knots out of your shoulders only to open your eyes up to see a huge spider making it’s way towards you from above is not…well…relaxing in any sense of the word. The tree was damaged in a wind storm and it had to go. Soon after I decided so did the hot tub. So one day I took a saws-all and cut it up into manageable pieces and headed to the dump.

Now we had a huge cement pad in our backyard. What to do with it. Obvious answer? Tile it!


So this was done a few years back, and it looks good, but now what? We have to go across the grass to get to it and sometimes that’s messy. So we talked about put a pathway from the deck to the patio. This year we finally decided to do it. So here is what took place Sunday.


As you can see the grass wasn’t in the greatest shape. (That is another project that hubby has taken over this year. Fixing the grass. This was after thatching the moss out. Yuck!) So now that the sod is gone and everything is level we need to put the sand in along with a new product we thought we try instead of gravel.


It’s called EZ Base and it is suppose to take the place of gravel. Also weighs nothing. Says it’s suppose to work under driveways so I’ll let you know how well it works. I know our backs already love it! lol

But this….


not so much. 😛 We still need a few more of the larger stones (Home Depot didn’t have enough) but these should do for now. I have a feeling it will be like putting down new flooring in a room. Suddenly the furniture doesn’t look as good as it used to so it needs to replace. Where the reworking of yard ends we will see.

Until next time…..