You seek redemption I cannot give Your crimes to numerous The atrocities wide spread. Payment must be received Though no coin will be paid Vengeance never is sweet To those deserving its touch You deny the possibility Yet it will come for you No shadow darkness thick No hole deep enough I wait until then …

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Dangerous Thrill

Shadowy alleyways Darken corners Not a soul in sight Waiting for footsteps Stalking the night Warnings of danger Gone unheeded Seeking something dangerous Forbidden A thrill The props are in place Cloth wrapped tight Skin exposed To winters might Highest heels Shortest skirt Swaying hips Quietly screaming Please Come take Shadows move Figures five make Faltering …

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Tick Tock

Tick tock Tick tock The clock ticks down The minutes stop Tick tock Tick tock The beast has risen Death appears Tick tock Tick tock Times up To late for prayers © 2017 Heidi Barnes