Image: Desktop Nexus – Sadness

What’s wrong, Kitten?
I don’t eat,
don’t sleep.
It must tell.
I am gaunt,
my eyes dark with exhaustion.
Don’t you see?

What’s wrong, Kitten?
I’m being suffocated.
no room to move,
to think,
to breathe.
I am standing still,
my mind unable to put together words.
Here me gasping for air?


What’s wrong, Kitten?
I need help
but I don’t know how to ask,
who to ask.
Can you tell me what to do,
where to go?

What’s wrong, Kitten?
Can’t you see!
Help me
before it’s too late!
Before he takes everything,
before I am no more.

© 2016 Heidi Barnes

This is from a poem I wrote in high school in poetry class. The incident actually happened. I was asked by a teacher as I walked into the classroom, “What’s wrong, Kitten?” I did not tell the teacher these things, I wrote the poem instead.  Although not all of it was bad, it was slowly being suffocated. It was quite sometime before I was free. But then again, are we ever?