Wishing for the Stars

This is my first time writing to this blog and also my first time writing to this particular daily challenge. So as I stumble through trying to figure out WordPress I hope you enjoy my contribution to the “All Trades” Weekly Challenge called Stars on Eccentric Chai.  Click here for the link to read the other contributions.

Here is the prompt:

In today’s world, we have a tendency to forget those little pinpoints of light in the sky. I live in the city, so I’m guilty! I can’t remember the last time I saw the stars. This week, I want you to let the plasma sphere move you!

Since Eccentric Chai is a blog which promotes doers within any trade, I like to leave my weekly challenges open to interpretation, and open to all forms of media. Whether you are a writer, painter, or a candlestick maker (hardy har) then this challenge is for YOU.

Get out there and do something involving the stars. Get outside and see them. If you can’t get to a place where you can see then with your own eyes, get online and check out some cosmic artwork. Do whatever you like. Let the stars inspire you. Then take that inspiration and do.

File:Starsinthesky.jpgWikipedia, Nasa image

Need some ideas? Here are a few:

  • Go stargazing with the family (bonus: try to find the seasonal constellations)
  • Take your camera, a tripod, and go make a time-lapse photograph of the night sky.
  • Paint a picture of the night sky, or of an astrological sign based on a constellation
  • Take the kids to the nearest planetarium
  • Go read “Stars” by Robert Frost
  • Write a creative nonfiction piece about the birth of a star (or death)
  • Write a poem about Orion

Once you are done, and are proud of your experiences and/or creation, post a link in the comments below to show everyone how the stars have inspired you this week.

Now get out there and DO.

And here is my contribution:

The corral was dark, the only illuminations coming from the half-moon above which suited Emma just fine. She wanted the dark and wished for quiet from the party beyond the buildings she hid behind because every good wish, every laugh, every smile was tearing her up inside.

Even thought she had given her blessing for this marriage, it did not mean she was happy about it. In fact, she felt as if her soul was being ripped from her body. Why would someone give up the one thing that made life bearable? The one person who was their life? Simple. If she hadn’t then all those laughing party goers would be torn to pieces and the town they had built returned to ash. It was a price Emma was unwilling to pay so she could be happy. How many more sacrifices would there be before the bastard that controlled their lives would be satisfied? It was a question Emma did not want an answer to.

As her hands went unconsciously to her swollen belly, she stared up at the spectacle above her. As hard as it had been to adjust to life without power, on clear nights like this Emma did not mind.

When she was younger they would go camping up in the hills away from the cities bright lights. She, Darren and Joe would lay in the dark for hours staring up at the stars. At times it amazed her that some people could think earth was the only planet that held life when there were so many out there. It was arrogant, and arrogance never ended well. Other times she wished she could escape into that vast emptiness where there were no Dr. Brunels or Damons trying to control her, use her for their own gains.

Looking down at her belly, she prayed that this little one would be safe from the constant battle to remain human her life had become. Staring back out at the darkness she wondered not for the last time if Anthony was safe, or had Brunel used him in some sort of twisted experiment. Damon had assured her that would not happen, and as much as she did not like him, she knew he would keep his word. At least until Brunel decided otherwise. No matter what Damon had told her, none of them believed he had total control.

Titling her head back and closing her eyes against the beauty above her, Emma tried to reign in her emotions. It would not help the festivities or keep their secret if her eyes started to glow with power.

“Emma?” a soft voice called.

Arms circled around her waist and a warm body moved against her back. “You should not be out here alone,” Joe said into her hair. “It isn’t safe.”

“I couldn’t stand there and play the happy ex-lover,” Emma sighed, a small tremble in her voice.

“You are not ex-anything, Emma,” Joe reminded turning her around. He frowned when he saw her tears. “You have not lost him.”

“Then why does it feel like I have?” she asked.

“Because he is no longer solely yours,” Joe said pulling her close and holding her tight.

They stood in silence, each pulling strength from the other. This whole process had not been easy for any of them, but what choice did they have? People were starting to once again suspect something was not right within the town. So to quiet the rumor mill and give Darren some peace from the persistent women who decided since Emma moved out that must mean he was fair game, they agreed he should marry.

Now for the fallout.

“The stars are bright tonight,” Joe said trying to pull Emma’s mine to another subject.

Emma sniffed; pulling away just enough so she could wipe her eyes and look up. “They seem to be the only constant in our lives.”

“I’m still here,” Joe said feigning hurt.

Emma smiled, which was what he was looking for.

“That my girl.”

“There you are!” Reese said running up to them. Having the connection between them allowed them to know where the others were at all times. So Reese’s statement that he could not find them was confusing. “I felt another presence and then you disappeared,” he explained. “Darren cannot leave the part so I came to find you. We need to get Emma back where it is safe.”

“I’m afraid it is too late for that,” a voice said in the darkness.

The three of them turned to see a figure materializing out of the darkness. When they realized who it was, Reese moved in front of Emma and Joe, putting himself first in line of attack. As more figures materialized the three slowly moved backwards until they came up against the coral’s fence. The stars were forgotten as the figures spread out, becoming clear in the faint light, fanning out before them.

They were surrounded

Copyright – Heidi Barnes

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