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This piece is from a story that probably will never be published. I will warn you, it is not PG. I would put it strongly in the R rated category. It is a scene that has been on my mind for a while now. I’m not sure if that is because my muse wants to work on this piece or if it just wants to use this particular scene somewhere else. We will have to see.

A bit of background. This story is a fantasy/sci-fi called Broken Promises. This particular story is what started it all. Where we are not at the beginning but many years later, it is part of the original story I wrote at the age of 14. Back then everything was fan-fiction. I would use the characters from my favorite TV shows, mix them all together with my own ideas for the storyline. I have since then changed the names and edited heavily so it is more mine. I admit, when I went back to read the original I thought “What the hell was I thinking!” on some of the stuff. Very naïve, but then again I was 14. LOL

Enough of me talking and on to the scene. We are on a planet in some unknown galaxy in the center of the universe. Aden has rescued Kara and has taken her to the only place he feels safe. She has been asleep for a long time….

Image: Desk Top Nexus
Image: Desk Top Nexus

Kara slowly became aware of her surroundings. She lay on a comfortable bed in a room that felt vast in size. Open as if maybe they were outside. That didn’t make any sense. Why on earth would she be outside? Opening her eyes she stared up at the impossibly high ceiling of a cave. Okay. Not what I expected.

Slowly Kara sat up letting the covers fall from her revealing she was wearing an old shirt she did not recognize. Lifting the covers she found she wore little else. Frowning, she threw the covers off and slipped off the bed. The cave was enormous. The bed she was in was at the back away from the large opening that looked out into the afternoon sky. Other than the sky she could see the tops of trees that told her the cave she was in must be very high. To one side was a kitchen complete with sink and water pump, some sort of cooler that looked like a small refrigerator and cast iron wood stove. Shelves lined the grey rock above the counter filled with dishes and cups, and cupboards lined the bottom under the counter.

Sitting in front of the counter was a wooden table that looked like it had seen better days surrounded by mismatch chairs. Across from the kitchen was a fireplace hewn into the wall with a fire blazing in it, an old couch, two worn but comfortable looking chairs and a couple of small tables. Cluttered along the walls, on the table, under the small tables, and along the back of the couch were books. Hundreds of books and papers everywhere. Most of it was in languages she did not understand, and some of the books were dry and brittle with age as were the papers. As mismatched as the home was, it felt like whoever lived here was content, happy. But where was here? And who lived here? Better yet, how did she get here?

Another question came to her. Where was Tanis? He would have never left her side for this long. Once she woke he would have come to her. A chilling thought crossed her mind. If he could not come to her then Caius must have him, but if that was so then…where was the pain? None of this made sense.

Closing her eyes, Kara pushed her mind outside herself searching for any sign of life. A frown creased her brow as she realized how easy this small act was, distracting her from her purpose. Because of Caius’s spells, every use of her power unless he ordered was like trying to push through molasses. Thick, gooey molasses. Now it was as if she were flying. Opening her eyes, the frown still on her face she looked at her hands. It was almost as if the spells were…gone. If they were….

Raising her hands out to her sides; she once again closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting her power flow through her. The wind whipped around her, blowing her hair over her face, the t-shirt plastered to her body. It flowed unimpeded. Like water that makes it over all the rocks and debris in its way to finally fall over the edge unhindered, free. Kara laughed as she rose into the air for the first time in twenty years feeling completely free. Nothing held her back, forced her to its will, caused her pain. She cried out in joy twirling around in mid-air. It felt so good.

Then another feeling started at the tips of her toes and began to slowly work its way up her feet than legs. It was a familiar feeling, a welcome feeling. A caress of power as if it were hands gently, slowly, sensuously working its way up her legs, and she did not stop it.

“Aden,” she breathed as his power enveloped her in such gentleness, such hunger she once again closed her eyes moaning as her own desire flared to life. With his power he held her, touch places deep in her body no hands or mouth could touch. Caressing, taunting, teasing until she cried out “Enough!”

Tilting her head forward she looked towards the cave opening to see a cloaked figure standing there quietly watching her, but she knew who it was. As she slowly lowered herself back to the earth, Aden pushed his hood back then unclasped his cloak letting it fall to the floor as he strode towards her. Kara’s breath caught at the fierce hunger in his eyes. A hunger she knew her eyes held for him. The moment Kara’s feet touched the floor Aden pulled her into his arms, crushing her to him as he kissed her as if she was the air he needed to breathe. Kara wrapped her arms and legs around him kissing him back with all her strength. Their powers flared out around them then flowed together combining so completely it was hard to tell where one stop and the other began.

One of Kara’s powers, often exploited as one of her weaknesses, was her ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Sometimes, if the other person was strong enough in will, they could force their emotions onto her. Anthony and done it many times, and Caius had the week he had raped her to make her a more willing partner. But the one thing she and Aden had been able to keep secret from the others all these years was Aden also had this power. It was why Caius’s tortures were so effective, even though he did not realize it. Because even if they had wanted to, Aden and Kara could not separate their feelings. They were one, and right now the feeling that was consuming them was a hunger so deep it made it hard either of them to think beyond it.

With Kara wrapped around him, still kissing her, Aden walked them back to the bed. As he climbed on and gently laid her on the bed under him their clothes disappeared. Just the feel of her skin on his almost sent him over the edge. It had been so long. Kara unwrapped her legs from around his hips, planting her feet on the bed, rubbing her hips against the hardness of him.

“Next time,” he breathed hoarsely as his hand slide down her side and under her hips so he could angle himself to slide inside her. “Next time,” this time his voice barely a whisper.

Then she pushed her hips up taking him inside and there was no more talk.


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