My Addiction

Life Has To Many Thorns Image ~ Desktop Nexus
Life Has To Many Thorns
Image ~ Desktop Nexus

They tell me to stay away

that you are no good for me.

I hear their voices,

understand their concerns,

but I cannot stay away.

You are my life,

my reason for living,

my addiction.

I could no sooner walk away

as I could stop breathing.

Prove their accusation wrong.

Show them what I see

when I look into your eyes,

your soul.

Show them that you are the one

who makes me whole,

that addiction

is not the end

but the beginning.

© Heidi Barnes 2014

2 thoughts on “My Addiction

    1. Yes, that is my addiction. The need to write, to get what is in my head onto paper. But a lot of what I write is from my characters. I become so immersed in their lives that it bleeds out into my poems. Sounds a little crazy, but then I’m a character based writer. 🙂

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