Nightmare Come True

The job was new, just as her life. It had been years since she felt safe enough to do this. Years of hiding. But Laura was tired of hiding. She wanted to get out and be with people other than family. She wanted to feel free again.

So she started with a Temp Agency. What better way to get back out in the workforce and see what it was she liked. Asking for something in reception, it didn’t take long for them to find her a place. A company she had never heard of, but it was a small so less chance of running into him. Although she had moved far enough away that should not be a problem. Besides, the company was nothing he would like.

Excited, nervous, determined. These were all things Laura felt as she walked into the front office. Sandy met her at the door with a warm smile, shaking Laura’s hand welcoming her into the fold. For the next few hours Sandy showed Laura the ropes and introduced her to everyone. It was a relief that he was not among them. What was she thinking anyway? There was no way he would be here. Just an over active imagination as per usual.

Two weeks into the job and everything was going perfectly. In fact, the fit was so good Sandy said the owner was thinking about hiring her full-time. To celebrate Laura decided to splurge and go out to lunch. On her way out Sandy stopped her.

“Oh, hey. I forgot to tell you. There is an employee that works out of his home coming in this afternoon to speak with Mike. Just thought I’d let you know,” Sara said cheerfully.

“Okay, thanks,” Laura said her stomach twisting with dread. By the time she returned her fear was under control. Finding a package sitting on her desk for one of the guys in the warehouse; she walked out into the vast building humming to herself.

“Hey, Sal,” she called to the foreman. “I have a package for you.”

“Put it in my office, sweetie!” Sal yelled back.

“Okay!” she said.

Smiling at the endearment he used for all the girls, she walked into his office and placed the package on the desk.

“Hello, Laura,” a deep familiar male voice said behind her.

Laura froze. It couldn’t be.

A warm body moved up behind her, familiar hands slid up her arms as a face nuzzled her neck. Closing her eyes, Laura swallowed hard. She could not faint. Unconscious in the same room with this man was not a good thing.

“Years of searching and you fall right into my lap,” he said huskily. “And now that I have you, you will never escape me again.”

The world spun in streamers as darkness enclosed her. The last thing Laura heard was his deep chuckle as he caught her in his arms, never to let her go again.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

This came from me going to a new job and thinking about the movie Safe Haven. It’s never really a good thing when these ideas hit me while driving. I have to really work hard on concentrating on where I am going with the car and not in my head. Luckily I came out of this one unscathed. LOL

4 thoughts on “Nightmare Come True

  1. Lindsay

    That was very good Heidi.I`d love to know what happens next.Your a gifted writer.Have you ever penned a Thriller or in the Crime Fiction Genre ?I don`t mind Romantic Fiction but Crime Thrillers are what I love best.Great Afternoon Heidi !

    1. I’m not much of a crime writer. It would require a story outline and when I do one of those it tends to create a block for my muse. I suppose I could give it a try…some day. 🙂

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