Betrayals Payment

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Image ~ Desktop Nexus

You pull me into your embrace
Yet I feel no warmth.
You whisper words of love
Yet my heart shrivels and dies.
The air around me grows thick
My breathing comes in gasps
As I sink to the cold stone floor
As darkness surrounds me
Smothering me
Too late I realize what is suddenly so clear
You are not my love come back to me
The one my heart and souls calls for in the night
But evil incarnate come to claim me
To pull me down into the depths of hell
For my betrayal is too deep
And there is no God or Angel who can save me
Only the Angel of Death can release me
Yet even he turns his back in shame and disgust
Leaving me to the one who will own me
Use me
Until I scream for a mercy that will never come
Until you forgive me for what I have done


© 2013  Heidi Barnes

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