She is Mine

Image ~ Desktop Nexus
Image ~ Desktop Nexus
She is mine
Therefore unattainable
I am hers
Therefore I will protect
That which is mine
Yet you cannot help yourself
…Can you
Something pulls you
Whispering what lies underneath
The layers of cloth and thread
Is nothing you have ever seen before
That one look
One touch
Will give you
What you have been seeking
Forever out of reach
Until now
Her eyes draw you in
Devouring your soul
But she is mine
And I protect what is mine
Touch her
Your existence will be meaningless
Touch her
You will cease to breathe
Touch her
And bear the consequences
Of dreams turned nightmare
You have been warned
Proceed at your own peril
I dare you ©

                  –  Addictions

 – © 2013  Heidi Barnes

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