Update on Garden Project

After a weekend in San Diego and another filled with rain, my hubby was finally able to do some more work on the walkway. It’s looking really good.


We ran out of bricks about the same time as hubby ran out of steam. As soon as we get some more this part of the project will be done. The next will be moving the dirt we dug up from this and a small hill in our yard that we did not want and spread it around the areas that need to be receded.


The project I did last year is doing pretty good. The small roses still haven’t come back from the shock of being moved. Hopefully in another year they will be looking better. I hope so because I really liked those roses, and one I bought when my 23 year old son was born. So a bit of sentimental value there.


I do think the clematis is liking it’s new home.

I WIN_20150519_154220

I bought this weilgia a few years back and I really like the shape of it. The problem is it is getting too big for the spot it’s in so I may have to do some pruning. 😦


Well, back to what I came out here to do and that is edit my new book while the dog enjoys laying in the sun.


Have a wonderful day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Update on Garden Project

  1. Lindsay

    All In All Your Garden Looks Magnificent Heidi ! Your Dog Looks So Content & after Recharging I`m sure Hubby will be Roaring To Go !

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