Cave Trolls – Gardening

I have recently discovered I have a cave troll. What is a cave troll you ask? And why is it here and not in Middle Earth where it belongs and there are elves with longbow and dwarves with axes to dispatch them? A cave troll is what I lovingly refer to  moles. Those black little blind rats that dig through your gardens and lawn wreaking havoc.

Over the summer we had… well, no rain. So the trolls  were either digging deep or decided there were not enough grubs in my yard to waste their time. Now that the rain has returned in buckets, so have the cave trolls. Nasty little buggers that evade my well place traps with the ease of a nimble mosquito evading a fly swatter.

What I need to do is go out and tramp down the hills and valleys so I can see where the little buggers are burrowing now. It seems they have been working hard for some time. That is what I get for paying more attention to the inside than the outside. (We are doing a little remodeling, which a whole different story.)

So the war on the slugs has ended and the war on cave trolls has begun. I thought winter meant time off from playing in the dirt so I would be ready for next year. Apparently not.

2015 Heidi Barnes

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