A Christmas Surprise

Because of allergy issues we are unable to have a real tree. It’s really comes down to two choices. Enjoy Christmas with everyone or be up  in my room sick and unable to breath. Soooo fake tree it is!

Usually I manage to put the Christmas tree and decorations up right after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this year I haven’t been able to. One of the reasons is where we store the tree. It’s a 9 foot pre-lite tree that we put on the top shelf in the garage. In order to get it down, we have to pry it off the shelf, slide it over the rails for the garage door opener then lower it down without dropping it. It takes three people, one ladder and two folding chairs to achieve this feat. Oh! And one person standing on the side directing or taking video. Whichever seems more appropriate at the time. lol

This has become a yearly tradition where my youngest son’s friends come over and wrestle it down. However,  they have now gone off to college, so the tree sat on the top shelf, waiting to be brought down, put together, fluffed and plugged in. I even have the Christmas presents wrapped and ready to go.

This week has been very busy. Between work, late meetings and dinners, I really haven’t been home with my enough people to bring the tree down. Until today. 🙂 My hubby and I came home from having a great time with some new friends in Bellevue to find the boys brought down the tree, rearranged the furniture and put the tree up!! They even put the presents under the tree. Best Christmas surprise ever!


Now for the decorations. Have a wonderful day!

Copyright 2015 Heidi Barnes

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Surprise

  1. Lindsay

    AWW Your Tree Is Gorgeous & What a Wonderful Thing Your Boys Did for You . Wishing You Hubby & Boys Best Christmas Ever & a Fantastic 2016 to Come !

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