The Holidays are Here!


Okay. Who’s ready for Christmas? *raises hand* Not me! LOL The tree is up, thanks to my wonderful sons, and decorated. Most of the presents are wrapped. Still have a couple to get, but those are money. I really don’t have a problem with giving people money for Christmas. Sometimes the things they want cost more than one person can afford. So why not help them with reaching their goal?

What else needs to be done. Let’s see…. I finally was able to get out into the yard Saturday to clean up the mess from the last two storms and do all the fall things that I couldn’t get to. Between the rain and working on the house I’ve had no time. Saturday was actually sunny (which in the last few months is a miracle. I can honestly say the drought is over in Western Washington!) It never fails that when I clean up debris from wind storms, not long after another one hits and it’s a mess again. So now that it’s clean (I’m so going to regret this) Bring it on Mother Nature! (Yep. Going to regret that big time. 😛 )

Need to buy food and clean house. We are hosting Christmas this year so need to make it presentable. Since we are in the middle of updating the floors and molding ourselves, the downstairs isn’t quite finished. It’s getting there and looks a lot better, though. The carpeting upstairs I think is original for the house, which was build in 1984. So yeah….gross. As soon as the downstairs is done, that is the next project.

I know there are many different celebrations going on this time of year. I don’t know the names of all of them, and I’m not about to try and name them all here because I don’t want to forget any. It seems so easy to offend people these days. I say Merry Christmas and someone gets made because they don’t celebrate Christmas so somehow I offended them. If they tell me happy-whatever-your-religious-holiday-is and I’m not offended. Really, it’s okay. Everyone has their religion, and as long as they don’t try to ram it down my throat and respect that I have my own religion I’m okay with it. (Oh, and before someone says something, I don’t think telling me happy-whatever-your-religious-holiday-is is not ramming it down my throat.) Honestly, why can’t people just get along and be happy with the differences. It would be rather boring without them.

Okay, enough from me. Enjoy your holidays whenever they may fall and whatever they may be. 🙂

Copywrite 2015 Heidi Barnes

4 thoughts on “The Holidays are Here!

  1. Lindsay

    Hey Heidi Glad All Your Home Projects Are Coming Together & It sounds like You & Your Family Will Have a Very Merry Christmas. Your Tree looks Beautiful ! Your Boys did a Great Job. One More Thing I Agree with you on Religion . To Each his Own & God Bless Everyone !

  2. Hi Heidi! I will not be raising my hand in readiness for Christmas. Trees up with lights.. That’s it! I have no desire to decorate it so I won’t. Besides it looks nice the way it is. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! So I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Huge hugs!!

    1. By the time I get my tree up and lit I’m usually in the same frame of mind. Looks good to me! Why bother with decorations! lol Merry Christmas to you too. *Hugs*

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