My First Memory – #FWF

This prompt is from a the author Kellie Elmore. She writes some pretty amazing poetry. You might want to look her up on Amazon. Every Friday she used to put up a prompt for those of us who loved a challenge. Many short stories, poems and one actual novel has been born during Kellie’s Free Write Friday’s. (FWF) After a hiatus she has once again began posting prompts for FWF. YEAH! This is the first one. If you would like to join or read past FWF (yes, even mine are there) please click here. As for now, here is the prompt and then my contribution. I hope you enjoy.

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Source: We Heart It


Memory Prompt:

Write about your earliest memory. Good, bad, happy or sad. Before you begin, take time to dwell in that memory. Absorb everything you can about it. What you see, what you smell, what you hear and mostly, how you feel. Let it resonate. Marinate your mind in that one moment. Then begin.

I had just turned two the month before. I stood at the window of my maternal grandmother’s house waiting for my paternal grandmother to bring my mom home and bring my new baby sister. I had the perfect view of the sidewalk that connected the house to the garage and the driveway. I remember being really excited and that it seemed to take forever! Then they were here! I ran out the door and down the sidewalk to meet them halfway. I had a sister! The next memory I have is of sitting on my grandmother’s green couch and my mom putting my new sister in my lap. Once she was settled, my sister took a hold of my finger and refused to let go. She had a pretty strong grip for someone so small.

Have a wonderful week. 🙂

9 thoughts on “My First Memory – #FWF

  1. I was a couple months shy of 2 when my brother was born, but I have no memory of those days. Vague memories I do have were with my older sister. Your memories of your are sweet. Hope they continued. 😉

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