Daily Prompt: Mistake

via Daily Prompt: Mistake

“Well that was a mistake.”

“Ya think?”

Pinching the bridge of my nose and closing my eyes, I prayed for patience. I really did not need help in reminding me that my brilliant plan wasn’t so brilliant.

“Don’t you have something else to do?” I sighed.

“Not anymore since you blew that up,” Sid snarled. “It took me three weeks to put together what took you two seconds to blow up. What were you thinking?” The exasperation in Sid’s voice had it higher than normal, not to mention louder. We were starting to draw a crowd.

“Apparently I wasn’t,” I grumbled.

“Apparently not,” Sid spat glaring at the wreckage in front of us. Then she sighed. A deep from your toes sigh, and from someone that was only five foot two that was a feat. In a much calmer voice that spoke of how much our relationship that had spanned a lifetime meant to her, she said, “Well. There’s nothing to do about it now except clean up the mess and start over again.” Turning towards me, she put a finger in my face and growled with narrow eyes, “No more bright ideas without my consent. Understand!”

“Yes ma’am,” I intoned quickly.

“Good. Now get your ass in there and help me,” she barked. Turning to the crowd she waved her hands in a shooing motion and yelled, “Nothing to see here folks. Just a young kid with more browns than brains. Move along.”

Groaning in embarrassment I whined, “Sid!” The only answer I got from the old bat was a cheeky grin as she waded into the pile of rubble that was once a speeder. Shoulders slumped, arms hanging at my side, the best five-year-old pout a twenty-one-year-old could muster, I shuffled in behind her.

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

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