Absence makes the heart grow fonder….

or forgetful. I know I said I would try to put up a chapter a week for Forever Lost and I have failed miserably. Let’s just say the holidays have been a bit stressful this year. I had surgery planned for the 18th of December which meant I needed everything to do with Christmas done before that. Then there is the fact I work in a petri-dish, aka a school, and spent a great deal of effort trying not to get sick. So my husband brings home sickness from Asia and, after my surgery being cancelled because my doctor was sick (go figure) along with taking everything I could that was non-herbal to try and stay well and sleeping in different rooms, I caught his sickness two days before the rescheduled surgery. Move past the surgery and I and my husband were diagnosed with pneumonia. Yeah Me! Do you know that coughing and stitches in tender places do NOT get along. Ugh!

So fast forward to today. Where I am still a ways from 100%, I do feel better. Upside, since this whole thing started I’ve lost 20 pounds. 😀 I’m hoping that part of it keeps going. So as part of regaining my strength I am going to start pushing myself to do more. Part of that is working on the next chapter for Forever Lost. (BTW, I am not married to that title, so if anyone has a suggestions I would love to hear them.)

As for now, I am going to run some small errands, rest a little, then work on editing. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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