Elmer Fudd Wabbits
Image: Google

I…..it…..they….GRRRRR!!! We have now four rabbits in our yard. My dog is 13 and all he does is look at them then goes to do something other than chase them, and the coyotes seemed to have disappeared. I was content when they stayed in the grass. But this!!!

rabbit carnage

Guess what’s for dinner boys! It’s wabbit season!

3 thoughts on “Wabbits!

  1. Lindsay

    I love Rabbits but I guess they are a nuisance in your garden. Hope all`s going well for you Heidi besides the rabbit invasion .

    1. I like rabbits too, when they aren’t eating my plants. Then I get a bit cranky. All is good. Need to go out and clean the deck. Not my favorite job, but it’s better then slipping and falling on my ass. 😛

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