One Ring

Into the night I roam, demons created in pain and malcontent close on my heels, my death they hunger their master's only edict. So many sacrifices, friendships forged, only to be lost in the chaos one piece of gold compelled. Alone I go, no one else will I lose to this mission of futility. Through …

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You seek redemption I cannot give Your crimes to numerous The atrocities wide spread. Payment must be received Though no coin will be paid Vengeance never is sweet To those deserving its touch You deny the possibility Yet it will come for you No shadow darkness thick No hole deep enough I wait until then …

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Feelings so deep threatening to overwhelm nowhere to show them nowhere to run how do I express when I don't understand what I want what I need what I feel how do I overcome the unknown

Too Many Words

Chaos reigns inside my head People, places, phrases Jumbled into one Big Mess I try to untangle Piece together two by two Only to snarl them further Until nothing but emptiness Remains Copyright 2017 Heidi Barnes

Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the dark Touches feather light Flames singe Sleepless night Bodies wound tight Surging Building Detonation Nirvana Morning dawn Bodies cool Fantasies lived Reality seeps in Breaking away To live again Until another time When fires burn bright In darkest night. Copywrite © 2017 Heidi Barnes    

Are You Sure?

Mistakes made Lessons learned Time goes by Memory fades Stories told Twist, change Lessons once learned Forgotten with age Go ahead I dare you Poke the beast It only sleeps Poke the beast Chains hold it in its keep Poke the beast See what arrogance brings Poke the beast It may be the last you …

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It was nothing special A look A smile A memory to sweet to forget And I'm right back to that day Where everything fell apart When you were taken from me And I was lost The darkness swallowing me whole Crushing me until I could not breathe When life Stopped © 2017 Heidi Barnes

No Words

There are no words no thoughts no actions that could convey the depths of my feelings. Only you can understand because only you can see can feel can know me. -Brynn & Kara Copyright © 2017 Heidi Barnes I don't know if Kara's story will ever be published, but for the moment it is at the …

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