Prompt 2.23 by Suzanne Carey

…know me…don’t just see me with your eyes… Jay Asher Looking down from his golden tower, the King surveyed his newly acquired land. With a self satisfied smirk he thought about how easy it had been to manipulate the populous into believing his lies of creating a changed country and working for the people. Fools! he […]

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This is a very clever story by a friend of mind that is worth a read. If it were up to me I would call it Hear Me. 🙂

Writing Rebellion; Messiness Makes Me Happy

Since Kellie put it so well, I decided to let her words tell how I feel on this subject. 🙂

Magic in the Backyard


I once had a dispute with my English professor. She said, no matter what you’re writing, you should always write an outline. I said bullshit…just say no to outlines. Maybe if you are being forced to write about something you aren’t really feeling (such as an essay for English class on the differences between Finnish and American governments) then, yes, an outline may be of some help because it’s not like it affected your spirit so deeply that you are bursting with something to say in reply. (Well, it didn’t me anyway.) But when it comes to poetry and prose…these are things written (or should be written) in the moment, as you feel it, when your spirit is deeply stricken with an emotion that you can’t do anything else but spill your feelings onto the page.

When I write, and this includes everything on my blog, I do not edit…

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Prowling in the Dark

This piece deeply moved me and I had to share.

Mark Wayne - Author and Warrior

My fears alone are prowling in the dark,
their hungry eyes see and haunt me.Prowling in the Dark
 An invisible storm swirls through me,
as I silently cry out for your mercy.
The strong winds cleave the words from me,
amidst streaming tears of remembered pain.
Mixed with the ceaseless pounding rains,
my shattered heart begs for only grace.
The roar of thunder drowns out my cries,
I fall dumbstruck onto my knees.
The blackness surrounds me on all sides,
a distant spark of light pierces through.
Casting dancing shadows in the deep dark,
showing the only path away from confusion.
Towards the gentle dreams of dawns first light,
clinging to misty visions of hope and love.

~Mark Schutter ©2013

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