I Reach for the Sky

I stretch towards the sky
The unattainable just out of reach.
I do not give up nor turn back
For the lessons I learn I will teach.
I hear the naysayers,
Their poison thick in the air.
Dragging me down into the depths of despair.
I claw and scrape
Trying to escape
The darkness below that suffocates.
Craving the light where the song birds fly
The warmth of the sun
The blue of the sky.
Seeds are sown
The roots run deep
I don’t know how
To earn my keep
The end is near
Please do not weep
For peace will find me
When I finally sleep.

~ Copy Write 2015 Heidi Barnes




Drums Beating in the Night

Drums beating in the night
Thrumming through the walls
Beating in time with my heart
Strengthening duty’s call.
Drums beating in the night
Heralding enemy untold
Striking dread into the soldiers
Telling of death that waits to unfold.
Drums beating in the night
Pounding in time with steel and might.
Drums beating in the night
When sudden silence speaks
In the dawn we will fight.
To go into history
Brave and valiant soldiers be
To save loved ones
To assure they are free
From those who’s beliefs and might
Give them convictions blight
That only their ways are virtuous and precise.
That those who stray
From path straight and true
Need to be punished
For thoughts deemed impure.
Drums beating in the dawn
Earth shattering, strong.
The battle begins
In a war no one will win.
Drums beating in the dawn
When will the madness end?
When will we put down our swords
And put peace into living words?

~ © 2015 Heidi Barnes



Do you feel it?
Just there,
that faint stirring
in the air.
A whispered touch
a subtle stare,
with no one to listen.
No one is there.
All around us
fairies, angels , spirits
watching over all
nature, human, beast.
I pray one day you can see
the beauty veiled in secrecy.
All you need to do
Is open you mind
and believe.

Christmas Favor

Christmas bells ring through the night

bringing cheer and holiday delight.

Memories of childhood fun,

with dreams of sugar plums.

While my childhood memories give warmth and smiles

there are those where the holidays

are sadden with tears.

So I ask one favor

during these holiday times,

take a moment to stop and think,

say a little pray,

and wish peace to everyone.

~ © Heidi Barnes

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🙂

There is Light

To hear what I hear,
To seen what I see.
To understand through sorrow and pain
The joy and pleasure
That life contains.
That even though the rain is thick,
The thunder loud with waters deep,
At the end of storms angry scream
Is calm and beauty,
Awashed with colors pristine.
Is life easy?
Can every minute be planned?
Though some may try,
Succeed for a time,
Life is a fickle mistress
With a mind of its own.
Tripping best laid plans
As it moves ponderously on,
Seemingly oblivious to havoc
Left behind.
Do not despair,
Do not give in,
For there is light
In darkness complete,
And you can rise above
If faith in life
You keep.

© 2014 Heidi Barnes

My Beliefs Are My Own


Tripping, traipsing

happily, blissfully unawares

of perceived dangers

lurking out there.

But what is dangerous

to him or her

may not be dangerous

to me, I’m sure.

Why should I change

to what you preach?

Does some demon await

for a tasty treat?

To eat me whole

if I don’t

cleanse my soul?

Here are words of wisdom

to hear and believe,

my mind is my own,

and I choose to keep

my thoughts and ideals,

my spiritual beliefs.

If you do not agree

that is your choice.

I will not harass,

pester or beat

until you relent,

fall on your knees,


So I will continue on my way,

for life is too short

and it’s time to play.


~ © Heidi Barnes