My Beliefs Are My Own


Tripping, traipsing

happily, blissfully unawares

of perceived dangers

lurking out there.

But what is dangerous

to him or her

may not be dangerous

to me, I’m sure.

Why should I change

to what you preach?

Does some demon await

for a tasty treat?

To eat me whole

if I don’t

cleanse my soul?

Here are words of wisdom

to hear and believe,

my mind is my own,

and I choose to keep

my thoughts and ideals,

my spiritual beliefs.

If you do not agree

that is your choice.

I will not harass,

pester or beat

until you relent,

fall on your knees,


So I will continue on my way,

for life is too short

and it’s time to play.


~ © Heidi Barnes





3 thoughts on “My Beliefs Are My Own

  1. I like this very much. Too often there is presumption of common belief. Frankly, it make me uncomfortable and sometimes I wonder how genuine some others’ beliefs truly are or if they are just some rote response to a life-long tradition. (Since, on daily basis they do not appear to be living their faith through their actions toward others).

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