Forlorn Hope Nexus Desktop
Forlorn Hope Nexus Desktop

Feeling lost and alone
in a sea of people
all with purpose,
all with someone
to call there own.

I look to the sun
searching for that one
to give me meaning,
to see me for who I am.
To reach out and touch
my soul so broken,
so forlorn.

Please, someone
say something
before I give up
on ever finding
that one that will believe
I am worthy of love.
That one I will trust
with my heart,
my soul.
The one that will call me
their own.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

Vows in the Dark

Image: Desktop Nexus Warrior
Image: Desktop Nexus
I wait,
tomorrow a lifetime away.
Promises made in the dark,
with light brings knowledge. 
As reality sets in
will vows in the dark
make it to heaven’s gate
while demons still wage war,
abandoned to fate?
As sun rises
and the hordes descend,
what darkness holds
warm and safe
fades away to cold.
Swords brought forth hiss,
sparks fly
as metal hits.
When all seems lost,
the sun setting in the west,
I look desperately for a sign
that this war is to end.
High above
on hilltop horizon
a lone figure watches,
waiting to be noticed.
Eyes meet mine,
and I know,
his vows are true,
the horde’s reign is at an end.
The horizon darkens
as figures appear,
lining hilltop, sun light glinting
on armor, swords and spears.
With battle cry roaring
they descend into the fray,
with renewed vigor and smile of triumph
I return to battle as day ends.
With defeat imminent,
the hordes flee into the night,
the day is won,
heaven’s gates stand strong.
~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

Never Unmake

Words unspoken,

time unbroken,

before peace can begin.

Searching for something

out of reach.

Feather light touch

whispered words of faith.

Bring to me

words of love,

of strength,

and give me promises

you will never


~ © Heidi Barnes

Rain Washes my Soul

Image ~ Desktop Nexus
Image ~ Desktop Nexus

I reach up high

to touch the sky.

As rain drops fall

to wash my soul

your eyes I see

before me.

My heart feels light

though pain is near.

I shy away

because what I fear

is to lose myself

in eyes so blue,

remembering lives

no longer true.

Past is gone,

present new.

Raising my face

rain washing my soul,

one foot forward

the future takes hold.

© 2014 Heidi Barnes

No More Lies

You tell me no lies,
yet all I hear are lies.
You tell me no secrets,
yet secrets you keep.
Trust me you say,
yet how can I trust
where trust no longer exists.
Never give up on those you love!
A message beaten into me
from ages old,
yet when love finally dies
what is left
is bitter,
clouding any judgment,
yielding pain to my soul.
As I walk away
I feel your eyes
beseeching me stay,
to please let you try.
But there is no more
left inside,
my heart in pieces
no more goodbyes.
The door closes,
the air is fresh, clean.
While some of me yearns
for what once was,
I step into the sun
warmth seeping in.
The road ahead long,
seemingly endless,
I begin.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes