No More Lies

You tell me no lies,
yet all I hear are lies.
You tell me no secrets,
yet secrets you keep.
Trust me you say,
yet how can I trust
where trust no longer exists.
Never give up on those you love!
A message beaten into me
from ages old,
yet when love finally dies
what is left
is bitter,
clouding any judgment,
yielding pain to my soul.
As I walk away
I feel your eyes
beseeching me stay,
to please let you try.
But there is no more
left inside,
my heart in pieces
no more goodbyes.
The door closes,
the air is fresh, clean.
While some of me yearns
for what once was,
I step into the sun
warmth seeping in.
The road ahead long,
seemingly endless,
I begin.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

4 thoughts on “No More Lies

  1. Perfectly stated. The pain of knowing that all which holds a relationship together is undone yet also knowing the new beginning IS like walking into the sun. Your words have been my exact experience, precisely!

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