Forgotten Memories – Free Write

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Elusive as mist through the trees
The more you reach
The further it recedes.
Memories of times gone by
Happiness with sadness combined.
These are what make me
Who I am,
Yet as time moves on
The harder they are to retain.
Help me remember,
Don’t let me lose myself.
For if I can’t remember who I am,
How can I become the person
That is me?

Copyright 2015 Heidi Barnes

The prompt if from Writing Outside the Lines #19. Go take a look at the other wonderful writings and maybe try out a few of the prompts. See where your muse takes you. 🙂

Easter Memories

Whimsically pastel
colors surround
pink, purple, green galore.
Surprises packaged
in oval plastic,
children squealing in delight
running here and there
seeking prices left by
bunnies who sneak around at night
finding those places
out of sight.

2014 Heidi Barnes

I know that Easter is a ways away, but this was beating at me in my head and I had to write it down.

Pages of Time

Flipping through
the pages of time.
Reading written words
of my thoughts of mind.
A pattern emerges
through words and letters
of times long gone
yellowed pages
ages settled.
I wonder what dreams
these words will conjure.
Emotions buried deep
long forgotten
till read.
Yet the saying goes
we learn from our past,
what lessons we heed
is our choice
our path.
Sleep will come
whether I will it or not,
to dream a little dream
my mind has forgot.

© 2014 Heidi Barnes