What Do You Want From Me?

Desktop Nexus: Love and Doves

What do you want from me!?
Why are you there!?
Where did you come from!?
Why do you care!?
Drums to the wind
only noise in the air.
Leave me be!
My conscious is bare!
What do you
Why do you
Why am I drawn to you,
my soul remembering a life we shared?
A life shrouded in shadows,
a life seen through eyes, kaleidoscope pair.
Music to the wind,
angels singing softly through the air.
Take what you want
my heart is lost to a love beyond compare.

Copyright 2017 Heidi Barnes

One of those poems that popped in my head and I have no idea where it came from. Maybe from one of the stories I’ve got stewing in the back of my head trying to get my attention.