Desktop Nexus: Breathe

before it’s to late
allow the chaos to abate
I will wait
Whatever it takes
try to remember
when your world starts to break

Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Vacation Time


This is my view this morning. Literally! I put my surface on the table, pulled up the camera and took a picture. Can you get any better than this? Nope. Earlier this morning I sat out in those chairs in my pjs and shawl with my coffee and watched the birds fly by while a sea otter poked its head out of the smooth water every so often as it played. A crane flew in and sat on one of the boats to take a nap. The neighbors were reading their boat to go crabbing out in the islands as others went by in the channel. The Olympic Mountains were a shadowed in a hazy cloudbank, and the state ferries went back and forth in front of them on their runs into the San Juan Islands and up to Victoria, BC. Only a few small clouds drifted by, but down on land there was barely a breeze. Perfect morning. Even got some journal writing done. My husband was at this very table doing a report for work that needed to be done and you know what? That was okay, because it meant I could sit here and enjoy the scenery. Eventually I went inside, got dressed, ate breakfast, came back out and read, went back in and did a few dishes. Now I’m back out here writing this blog and staring out at the view.

I grew up spending summers here. My grandparents bought the land when my mom was a little girl, so it’s been in the family for a long time, and I hope to keep it even longer. My oldest loves to come up here. It’s probably his favorite place in the world. I can’t blame him. It’s mine too. Full of memories of family reunions and sleepovers. I would bring friends over here for my birthday. Since it’s in August the weather was usually nice. We would sleep in what is now the shed. It used to be the cabin, once upon a time. The A-frame that is here now was built when I was about nine years old. A long time ago, but I do remember being in the older cabin. It had one of those split doors so Grandma could open the top and see what was going on or yell at us. For the most part we were good kids, but we did have our moments. LOL

I probably should get started on some editing. It will be hard to with this view, because no matter how many times I sit and stare at it, it never gets old. Especially on days like today.

 Copyright 2016 Heidi Barnes

Words, words, words…..

Words, words, more words

Tumbling around in my head.

Begging to be written

Begging to be said.

How do I sleep

Think, eat

With all these words

Battling to escape?

Help me to find

A way to set them free,

Help me find

Peace, serenity.

Peace ~ Tranquility

Cyprus Island San Juan Islands, Washington State


The lapping of waves against the shore

As the morning sun rises over the water

The peace that only nature can give

As the sound of bird’s wings

Breaks the stillness of the air

A beauty to inspire

Even the hard of hearts

A peace to calm

The restless of souls

And a tranquility that descends

With the evening sun setting on the hills


~ © 2013 Heidi Barnes