Purge My Mind


I stare at the computer screen

Wanting…no needing to write

There is something inside me

Desperately wanting to come out

To weave that magically spell of words and emotions

Us storytellers live for

But something is stopping me

Holding me back

Turning my words into distance cries

Keeping the emotions of my thoughts

From showing me what it is they yearn to tell me

Somehow I must break this dam

Purge my mind of distractions

So the story inside of me

Can weave its magic

Spellbinding those who wish to fly away

On a journey of horror, romance, suspense

But most of all

Happy endings

– Heidi Barnes © 2013

Weapons Point of View – FW


This is it, the moment I have been waiting for. Hours of practice, of honing my edge, of polishing until I gleamed. All of it leads up to this one day. It is the first time on a mission for me and my owner. We are both nervous, but I think he more than I. I was made to cut through flesh and bone. To protect those who are important to me, to him. I hear from the others the first time is always the hardest for our owners. That taking of life, but for me it is just something I can do. Like my smaller cousins who cut the meat for dinner, or the vegetables to be cooked, I am just an instrument. Something to be wielded by my owner’s hand to do his or her bidding. I am more specialized though. My job is to cut through the bone and flesh of living creatures. Creatures that look a lot like my owner. It is strange to think that I must kill them. They are so much alike in so many ways. They all sleep, eat, breathe the same. From what I have been told they all bleed the same color. Red. So why do they kill each other?

I was told the others started this particular war. Threatened those my owner is sworn to protect, and if they are not stopped they will kill or enslave them all. My owner calls them the enemy. I wonder, those of my kind that the enemy carries. Are they as bloodthirsty as their owners? Or are they like me. Silent and cold. Lying in wait to be used by the human hand for whatever purpose they deem necessary. I have seen older ones like me, mounted on the wall like some trophy. They have fought great battles and have been retired, whatever that means. Maybe someday I will be up there with them, on that wall of honor. My owners boasting of the great battles they fought with me. Or maybe today I will find myself lying in the mud, my owners body nearby, silent and cold as the steel I am made of.

Until then I will stay in my warm leather sleeve, waiting, wondering, what the day will bring when I am finally brought out to fight the battle for those who wield me and my brothers and sisters, so their families can remain free.

Copyright: Heidi Barnes

Friend of mine Tweeted me the picture and my mind started working, so I just went with it. Not exactly a murder scene, but a prelude to it. I had started out thinking murder scene, but as often happens my muse went a slightly different direction.

Makes Me Happy

To write

Put into words what I see

What I feel

To watch the words form on paper

To weave a tale

That excites the mind

Takes the reader to a place

Far from their existence

Into a world of make believe

Where monsters bring evil

And white knights wield light.

Where love is true


Always bending


Never judging


Encompassing those who

Are willing

No matter the price

To give everything




To weave a such a tale

Is what makes me


What makes me happy.

Copyright: Heidi Barnes