Is it Love? – A Piece of Flash Fiction

From the moment she saw him, Keisha knew he would be trouble, but did she listen to herself. No. The vow she would fall for no man’s charms, that she would keep her strength of mind and stay her course failed the moment she looked at him. Damn him! This was not in her plan. Not after that self-centered cheating son-of-bitch she had been all ready to marry had torn her heart out and stomped all over it. Yet here she was again. Falling for another man. If she thought about it, which she tried not to, she really had no choice in the matter. Those long lean legs, a body any man would kill for, dark hair that fell artfully stopping just before it touched his shoulders, the chiseled features, and the eyes. God those eyes. They looked into hers and burned a path straight to her heart and things lower. Smoldering smoky hazel eyes that laid her bare.

Nope. She had no chance at all and now she was stuck. Stuck with all that six foot of yumminess for a dinner date and possibly a movie. They would see where the night took them. Considering the day had been beyond gorgeous, and nothing had gone wrong at work unlike it usually did. In fact, it was pretty darn perfect. Just like him. They were too perfect. There had to be something evil waiting in the shadows ready to pounce and rain all over what had been a beautiful parade. Yep, tonight she would find out that all that yummy packaging held a monster ready to pounce on his next victim. Well, she would see about that. She was no kitten cowering in the corner. No, she was a tigress with her own claws and teeth. Bring it on! She would show him what a real woman was made of. Make an example of him for others of his kind to see.

Smiling into the mirror, she thought she was dressed perfectly for the trap. Her blonde hair pulled up in a messy bun with tendrils falling around her face, dark red lipstick, shadowy eyes makeup (two could play at that game) making her vibrant light blue eyes pop. The perfect little black dress that length barely reached her fingertips, and her stilettos. Her feet would be killing her in the end but if all went as she knew it would, it would all be worth it.

Once again smiling that evil smile that sent her friends and family running for cover, she grabbed her clutch and walked out her apartment door, ready for battle.


Chad gave the keys to the valet and walked purposely into the restaurant where he was to meet the woman who had haunted his dreams for the last week. Keisha Belmont. All of five foot nine, most of it legs he had dreamt of wrapping around him more times than he wished, with blonde hair and blue eyes that trapped him in their snare the moment they locked onto his. A body he wanted to know more about in a way that was not healthy. Having just come out of a bad relationship, he was not looking for another anytime soon, but from the first moment he had seen her, heard her laughter, he was entranced.  When he had asked around about her, he was surprised to find she was unattached. Someone that beautiful had to have men waiting in the wings. But like him, her relationship had ended recently and badly. Neither one of them was ready for another relationship. Something that she made very clear when she had first refused his offer to take her out to dinner. But he was anything if not persistent, and by the end of the evening he had his date.

Keisha. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. But he vowed he would not let her beauty sway him. This entire week he went back and forth, first wanting the date then not wanting it yet never cancelling. He had even tried a few times. Had his phone in his hand with her number on the screen, but he just could not hit the little green button that would dial her number. And now was the night that would reveal all. Would they end the night by walking away nothing more than acquaintances, or would there be more?

God, he so did not this kind of complication right now. He was just getting his life back together from the last catastrophe that almost broke him in more ways than one. He did not need to make matters worse by adding to his already shambles of a life. First he needed to get his business back on track, then, maybe, he could think of a relationship.

The maître d` took his coat and lead him to the table he had reserved. This was the most posh restraint in the city and he was almost embarrassed to admit he was a regular. Luckily he had squirreled money away for a rainy day. Far from poor, actually he was pretty damn rich, he still had to be careful. One wrong move and he could lose everything. Something he was not ready to do.

After ordering his favorite wine, he sat down and once again started second guessing the wisdom of this date. Then she walked in the doorway and all thought of any kind slipped right out of his head. He watched with what he knew had to be a dumbfounded expression as she talked to the maître d` who pointed her to his table. With a smile that would melt the Artic, she thanked the man then began walking towards him, her expression one of fierce determination.

When Chad slowly rose to his feet, his eyes never leaving hers, he thought he saw her step falter. He definitely saw her eyes go from his head to his feet and back taking in every inch of him. He knew he looked good in his black Armani suit, but it did no justice to what she was wearing. Once she reached him all he could do was stare into those beautiful blue eyes. It took the waiter three times to clear his throat before either of them realized he was trying to get their attention.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Chad stuttered. “Please. Sit down.”

Keisha could only manage a nod and a shy smile before she practically fell into her chair. It was a miracle she kept her knees from buckling when she saw him sitting at the table, and he seemed just as enthralled with her as she was with him. When he finally sat down across from her the waiter again had to clear his throat to get their attention.

“Yes, wine please,” Chad once again stuttered glancing sheepishly at the waiter than back to her. “You? Want wine I mean?” Great. Now he sounded like a complete idiot. To his surprise Keisha only smiled warmly at him.

“Yes. Please,” she said shyly.

As the waiter poured the wine, both of then thought if there was such a thing as love at first sight, this had to be it.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

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