Forever an Eternity – A Destiny Poem

I always see you

As the night grows dark,

creatures forbidden in light


Footsteps lightly tread

where others fear to go,

courage a distant memory

sensations of home fill the holes.

Where once uncertainty roamed

determination breeds trust.

A world full of unknown

only one truth stands alone.

No matter were you roam

I will never be far,

in your heart,

in your soul.

Forever is an eternity

I will not waste

with fear and doubt.

There is no other

who can sway me from my path.

Danger all around

yet safety envelops me

the deeper I go,

the darker it becomes,

the farther I fall.

Life ever changing

one thing remains true,

I will never betray

for life is for living

and there is no life

without you.

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

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