So today I decided to post my weekly Free Write Friday I do on this website. It’s a bit late as it’s last weeks prompt, but better late than never. 🙂

Here is the prompt from Kellie Elmore’s Website:



Here is my response:

Trust. Easily given, easily broken, impossible to get back. How many chances do you give before you say enough? How many times must your heart be broken before it can break no more? Where do you find the strength to move forward and not bleed mistrust onto others who do not deserve it? the answer for each person is different. It takes a different amount of time to heal, to trust, to break that one final time. Some never trust. Once someone breaks them that is it. Everyone is the same. No one can be trusted. I believe everyone is different therefore everyone should be given a chance, and some more than one. We all make mistakes and we should remember that no one is perfect. Not even yourself. One mistake should not mean a lifetime of pain.


If you would like to read more submissions, click on Kellie’s name above and it will take you to last weeks prompt. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Thanks for sharing insights here. It is true to regain trust once someone important to you completely dishonors the covenant that sealed your relationship. The real healing begins when you can trust yourself to take that leap once again.

  2. Trust is such a fragile thing and you’re right, too often we allow the fragements of its broken shell to attach to future relationships. It isn’t fair, but it also isn’t easy not to do. Poignant piece, Heidi. Thank you.

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