Why? ~ Grief’s If Only


Image: We Heart It       Grief
Image: We Heart It

The signs were all there…

Why didn’t I see them?

I could have stopped this from happening

if I had just followed what my gut was trying to tell me.

I should have told him to watch her,

that something was not right,

but I knew he would never listen.

Too much anger between us.

Too much bitterness.

Why didn’t I see them?

Looking back the signs are so clear.

Her mention of ghosts

and if we believed in them.

Knowing from experience that loved ones

long passed,

come when the end is near.

The way she said she did not want to go,

like she knew she was not coming back.

The spurt of unease that I chose to ignore

as a mother’s always present protectiveness

for her child.


Why didn’t I listen?

If I had….


~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

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