Live Life

I live,

I breathe,

The day goes on

and so do I.

But what is life?

Is it just making it through

the best we can?

Or is it living those days

to the fullest,

never stopping

never waiting for the night to catch us.

Forever moving on

until we can move on no more.

Do we let other dictate our lives?

Tell us what we can or cannot do.

What is right and what is wrong

according to them and their beliefs.

Each life is special,

each one unique.

No one soul is the same.

So I say

live life the best you can

with what you have

because it is your life,

not theirs,

so it is your choice

to live.

6 thoughts on “Live Life

  1. Lindsay

    So True Heidi Every Life is Important & Precious The one`s who are most content with their lives are the one`s who believe in themselves

  2. Defining yourself and living life as honestly as possible is something that I have had to relearn ( I was raised that way but lost it during my first marriage). Teh journey to getting my groove back was arduous but worth every second!

    1. It is a lot easier putting it in words than actually practicing it. When my kids were little I sort of lost myself, I still do sometimes times because they always came first and that is hard to forget. It was a fight to become myself again, to do what I wanted, what I needed, which was writing. Like you said, it was worth every second.

      1. Yes, it truly is. Raising my sons required lots of ME but they helped to make me a better person along the way (even if I did not recognize at the time). Being married to their dad sucked a lot of life out of ME (even though I did not know it at the time too!) since it always had to be about HIM. But he’s gone now and the boys and I live full lives on the way to good things and doing our best to stay strong for the bumps in the road!

        Writing helps me stay honest and is a big part of who I am now- I am sure you know what I mean!

      2. Writing helps me with my demons and those voices that keep clamoring for attention and won’t shut up until I give it to them by putting down what they have to say on paper. LOL But yes, I do know what you mean. 🙂

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