A Story Unfinished…..

She felt his presence

like a cold wind across her skin.

Shivers of fear

herald pain and blood.

Escape impossible while terror froze,

a fact he knew well

and used.

From different sides

hatred strong,

yet when met eyes hearts soften.

The cost too high

she vows not to break.

Lips trembling, tears forming

eyes close she waits….

Beauty personified,

strong, proud.

He does not want to hurt her,

but the choice is not his.

This world is harsh


Only the strongest survive,

yet even they can be broken.

Information they seek,

he must obtain.

Any means necessary is not new

his job he must do

even while hearts are torn.

Love cannot save them

from war unforgiving.

With dread consuming

the door clicks shut

and he waits…..

~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

5 thoughts on “A Story Unfinished…..

    1. Thank you Lindsey. Strong emotion has always been something I try to convey in everything I write. Especially in my books. I want to bring the reader into the mindset of the character.

      Not quite sure where this one came from…or where it’s going though. It doesn’t feel finished yet. We’ll see what happens….

  1. I have to say that read this twice. It has a suspenseful AND terrifying feel to it for sure. I am seeing two lovers from opposite sides ( sort of like spies) who make a living in a violent world. But then it could be something else… Definitely has me thinking!

    1. I’ve been thinking about it too. My questions is when did they meet? I feel it was recent. It’s one of those things that floats into my conscious but is not complete. Tantalizing. There’s more, just not sure what…

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