Run Away With Me

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Image Unknown

Run away with me!

Let us find the edge of the earth,

and fly amongst the stars.

Let us lose ourselves

in the mystical playground called life

while others lose themselves in

in the mundane world

and what they perceive

as reality.

Let us live

until the day when we move on

to the next stage of our existence,

where we will continue

to find out just who we are

and why we are here.

Where we will discover

that no matter what we think we know,

we will never know enough,

and we will never know everything.


~ ©  2014 Heidi Barnes

5 thoughts on “Run Away With Me

  1. Beautifully written. So much of what I see in others is the obsession or perhaps the trap of the mundane. Sometimes we can “run away” for a few moments each day. Grab the beauty of our existence. At least that is what I try to do!

    1. It is easy to get trapped and hard to break free. Where I might not be able to physically go to the places I want, I can go there in my writing.

  2. Lindsay

    I really liked this poem a lot. The message, Life is Filled with the Mundane & Have to Do`s that grind us down to a slow death. To Dream is To Escape, Make it Reality even if only in our Dreams. Great Poem Heidi !

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