A Rainy Day Transformation

The first day of rain in over a month and this is what I look out to. I don’t think this tree has ever been wet when in full bloom. Usually it is green-leaved with a light green almost white blossoms – and covered in bees – not this white cloud. I just thought it was really pretty and wanted to share.

Let It Snow!

We have had some cold days this year. Even a smattering of snow, but nothing like what we woke up to this morning. Eleven inches fell where we live in the Casacade Foothills. To the north where I grew up they recieved one to four inches, more the farther north you go. South up to fourteen. And there is suppose to be more coming.

I say, let it snow! 🙂

Cascade Mountains Sunrise


I miss waking up to this every morning, and this is only part of the view. May post more a bit later. Stay safe in all the craziness of Black Friday! Me, I’m staying where it’s safe. On the couch! 😀

Happy Holidays!

Run Away With Me

Image Unknown
Image Unknown

Run away with me!

Let us find the edge of the earth,

and fly amongst the stars.

Let us lose ourselves

in the mystical playground called life

while others lose themselves in

in the mundane world

and what they perceive

as reality.

Let us live

until the day when we move on

to the next stage of our existence,

where we will continue

to find out just who we are

and why we are here.

Where we will discover

that no matter what we think we know,

we will never know enough,

and we will never know everything.


~ ©  2014 Heidi Barnes

Helleborus Volunteer


For those gardeners out there. It took a good five-six years, but I let one of my helleborus go to seed in this spot. The original plant was not happy here so I moved it, but the starts from that plant have finally bloomed. There is one in the background but it has no flowers yet. Because the ground is so thick with tree roots, seed is really the only way I can put plants in here. Digging a hole isn’t all that fun.