I sit,
staring at the words written on my paper,
needing to read them
yet unable to put those words together.
My mind is in turmoil,
jumping from one subject
To another,
unable to settling on one thing.
I must concentrate,
I must finish what I started
or all will be lost.
Pushing aside stray thoughts
I concentrate on the page before me
and nothing happens.
Sighing I try again.
A few words, phrases, become clear
and then they are gone again.
I must finish what I started!
Yet others interject
ruining concentration
wanting to be heard.
Giving up I find pen and paper.
I put those words that will not give me peace
on the paper,
hoping that in purging my mind I can once again return to the task at hand.
Will I succeed?
Will I become master once again,
or will the floodgates be open
and like water once started,
can never be harnessed again.
~ © 2014 Heidi Barnes

2 thoughts on “

  1. I know no one is immune to writer’s block, but I see you and I both know the feeling of Having Something to Write, certainly having ideas, but Not Quite Getting it Right….. Not a writer’s block, so much as a writer’s diversion…..

    1. True. And in this case it was editor’s diversion. My mind would not concentrate on the words I had read a hundred times so I could finish my editing. I find purging my mind of whatever is plaguing it helps. At least this time it wasn’t just rambling and made some sort of sense. lol

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